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ing, not only in the provinces but in the metropolis. Haste
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deaths, making a rate of g.oS per cent. The fifteen
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tenth year, second premolar; eleventh to twelfth year, canine;
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he seems all right, but when taken out and urged, the breathing
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inoccupancy of the room, infection repeatedl}' took place; moreover,
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veloped, there is a distinct loss of memory for the recent past; events of
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The difiiculty of detecting trypanosomes in stained prepara-
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'1 lie dct,'ree nf d ii".,ije Mi^t.iincd liy a bone will depend upun the i..iturc
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and tell the patient to swallow ; the tube will readily enter the esopha-
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as many patients died by diphtheria as by variola. He recom-
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in lieu of this, has been first assistant for a long period to some good abdominal
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Colchicum is the drug most likely to give relief from the pain. This is
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we would otherwise expect it to do. u Every fact," says Dr. Carpen-
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without the opium. The appearance is favorable for ultimate
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first learning must not lag far behind, and this our schoolmasters appi
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previous discoveries in the same department of science is recounted,
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allowed to kill, in consequence of his believing them to be malignant,
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one case some flour which had been used for dressing oysters was brought to
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be accomplished by a small incision. More persons, however,
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slow progress for the first few mouths, and then progressing
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species of pine and leguminous plants. Fruits : Many varieties
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although sodium phosphate, magnesium phosphate, and other salts may
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some part of the air passages, and the spaik is ignited that is
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of slight deafness on the left side. She stated that she was
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from a sanitary standpoint, is of the greatest importance.
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Sir, — Though I had your permission, some time ago, to present a few
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half of his full pay. Thus, a Surgeon-major of 20 years'
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not only for his own acts and those of his partner,
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99® in the morningr to 101® in the eveninor. Pulse has been
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of the mercury has dropped to the 50 c.c. mark of the apparatus.
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141 case.* reported by Dr. Tyler were due to a pure pneumo-
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simple operation ; but an operation performed for the