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I, lagena; rb, ramulus basilaris; w, stria vascularis ; rap, ramulus ampuUte posterioris; n, ramnlus saccull ; ru, ramulus

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specimens. The patient was a plumber, seventeen years of age, who was ad-

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the Fever Hospital, that of the cases admitted into that

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lation of food, were imperfectly performed, and the patient died December 30th,

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axis, as an organ indispensable for the performance of every

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the method by which the disease was removed, or attributed

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most frequently caused by infected emboli derived from the pulmonary veins,

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was repeated. She would make an effort to speak, and after fixing

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The relative advantages of ether and chloroform may be summed

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vanic persists for some time after the faradic excitability has disap-

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The profession of medicine has held an important place in the

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tinguishes them that is more valual)le perhaps than any other, and

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gesting arthritis were obtained, all of the periph-

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mingled bacilli more or less resembling the Loeffler

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not be because she has weakened, but because of the emulation awakened

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does remove yearly one seventh of the population of the universe."

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empty cavity. The fourth and sixth ribs were found carious.

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into the underlying metabolic disturbance. Only Hopkins has studied

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and Kleinert, favorers of the trepan, compared with the opposite doc-

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every case. In many the idea of self-destruction arises, but is firmly

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rienced in summer than in winter, a warm climate will probably be best, and,

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been pushed up with great activity ; and yet the Amendment

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and the fact established that all that was necessary was

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giving back to the profession the results of intelligent clinical

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valuable feature of the remedy is the rapidity with which

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they are of unquestionable value. The most important functional tests

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•General Hospital, the Eye and Ear Infirmary, and other charities, which

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One of the earliest and most distinct accounts of the disease was given by Baudi, in

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gestion of the membranes of the brain, otherwise brain normal.

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