the perinneum, and the os high up against the pubes.

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experiments which have been made to establish this fact.

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When the first edition of Morris' Anatomy appeared in 1893 it was

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dedaplace in the obstetrician's aramen- sia, or in cases of placenta previa to hold

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antemia is strongly pronounced, the dose of a ten per cent, tincture of perchlo-

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Mr. R. Lane Joynt read a paper on the above. He pointed out

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Ear Reconstruction and Formation • Collagen Injections

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in the egg ; put the pudding in a buttered tart dish ; bake an

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A very interesting feature of this congress was the scientific

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gitis, which is a very common termination of adult tuberculosis,

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with increased heat of skin, and sometimes a marked sensation of burning

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necessary to refer to it in order to explain No. 1. I object to

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cluded by the absence of the more distinctive symptoms of

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do not intermit, as in nervous dyspepsia, but are more constant- Tbe analysis

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this platelet exhaustion, the excessive number would appear to

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The curetting of the uterus after systemic infection I

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is not nephritis, but an acute degeneration such as is caused by blood