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With regard to Lancereaux's method of treatment, he had not been

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account of disease, and hence both the operation and after treatment

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ably compared with the stimulant plan, and with the starva-

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nerves. If the exact position and shape of the trachea be known to the

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(Telephone Number) (Seminar Location I Plan To Attend)

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might also be interpreted to mean that the trypanosome seen

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of syphilitic bronchitis induced — the probable commencement of a

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was no history of alcoholism in the family and none of

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known fact that a patient with tuberculosis can digest

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who condescended to make it his business "to repair regularly to the

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cous membranes other than the conjunctiva, and that such

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going from a few rods to three or four miles, the driver notices

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perature rose from 90"* F. to 98° F. only. Later, as the

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environment so as to make it unfavorable to further growth

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and it becomes almost certain if grave anaemia is also present.

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Physicians are acutely aware of the impact of unrealistic

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and Frank L. Gannon, General Manager of the Southern Railway,

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tives, alteratives, and tonics. Forced feeding was enjoined

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for the purpose of having his left leg amputated at the advice of physicians,

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usual. The patient was relieved in a measure. Cough diminished and

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— 26. J. F. Payne. Brit. Jour. Berm. vol. ix. p. 241. — 27. Humbert. Bid. encyclop. des

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