syringe : it is light, strong and durable, capable of

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in the formation of renal calculi. He quotes 4 cases of Wright in

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vations on the patient were continued at various intervals during the

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damage I have of late witnessed in several instances. I must oppose, also,

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the maxim drink deep, Sfc, cannot be too strongly enforced. Of all the

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most violently convulsive. They were much influenced by

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impossible to judge beforehand of the degree of improvement, as regards the

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[Reprinted from the Journal of the American Medical Association ]

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G. Lucy Bailey was taken on the 16th inst. She lived

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ability to generalize itself in the body. The tongue

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olum, usually situated toward the nasal end of lid.

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is small compared to that in Europe or the older countries.

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late within erythrocytes. The blood specimen should be col-

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of musty oats. Damp oats having been kept for a considerable

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diately upon learning of the vile condition of these lodging-

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part by means of circulars, and of which but few have been used for statis-

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infection, by putting them on a well-infected rat, for but a

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hand, dilatation takes place, the tissues become hypersemic, and the various

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even lowering the head to the ground for relief; mem-

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pathic dilatation of the colon involving the rectum and sigmoid, one

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swollen, and pitted on pressure. There were now also signs-

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Chloralamide does not satisfy the wants of the thera-

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Dr. S. Mackenzie said the case was a most peculiar one. There must have

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