'draw attention to the fact that the mortality among the re-
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and precise, and a welcome addition to anatomical literature.
As in the case of the otlier acute zymotic diseases, we know
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The examiners of lymph who were examined by the Royal
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The new President of the Servian Ministry, Dr. Lazar
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hole incision was made througii the uterine walls, and it was then seen
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Mr. LiTTLKWooD thought there were certainly some cases
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seminated sclerosis and locomotor ataxy in man, and those
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Saturdays. The 416 deaths referred to diseases of the respiratory organs
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from the junction of the upper and middl'e thirds of the cervical region
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Once more ; the cases among the unvaccinated for the
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favoured, in Gassner's eases, the imperfect involution which
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fession gave force to their convictions and advocated the sub-
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Profession," bore testimony to the loyalty, consistency, and
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ceeded while similar attempts 011 the part of others to form organisa-
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points of greatest torsion, and thus the appendix may be
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of Health for the Adiington Urban Sanitary District of the Chorley
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provided with lavatory accommodation for both first and
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below on the right side. The bowels have not been open since the l-'ith,
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order that the god of fever and of every kind of death may be driven
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shrunken and cannot be brought to the surface, I have usually
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neys, Mr. Bruce Clarke, and Dr. Coates. The meeting ter-
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and extending downwards and backwards into the true pelvis,
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small-pox duty is rather a favourite with the revaccinated nurses, on
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consist simply in keeping all dogs under a kind of police
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January 1st. Members of Branches are requested to pay
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April 1st on the skin eruptions which occur in septicemia
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Physician. Salary, £:o per annum, with board, and lodging. Appli-
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' Selected from cases published in the Lancet of November 2nd, 1889.
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all four floors. Just so, about one-half of the " fresh air "
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surfaces, or plugging bleeding wounds where the hemorrhage
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hydatid cysts between the bladder and rectum were commonly
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bouours: E. R. Kendall, College of Medir-ine. Newc.rstle upon
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Tavistock Workhouse suffering from small-pox. At a meet-
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Count Anatol Orloff Davidoff has given 50,000 roubles
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last meeting. In r^ply to a question, the Honorary Secretary
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New Inn Hotel, Gloucester, on Tuesday, May 16th, at 4 30 p.m , under the