the countenance as well as in those of the body. It is important to bear this
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Surgeon to St. Mary's Hospital, Rochester, Minnesota.
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manufacture of a serum which, he claimed, would prove curative in
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surel}-. We had supposed the law to be very stringent in these matters. Who can tell us,
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a very important place. The field cannot be covered by the specialist. Cases
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" rules " regarding the reception of the sick by the city
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(d) Report of the Executive Director, Mr. Timothy B.
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due to general infection or to direct infection of the pelvic organs. — Ibid.
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any argument from the similarity, yet I think the fact is worth
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they are under its influence, they are carefully seized by the neck, and
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ITew Hospital for Insane. — ^The new county insane asylum
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demands reference to data and principles which have been
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Graefe ' in 1868, excluded disease as far back as the
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William Oliver Chalk ; George Green Gascoyen ; John Whitaker
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Varicella, or Chickejipox ; a trifling complaint an eruption of trans-
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have come to this conclusion after much reflection, with great reluctance. The meet-'
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contracted and closed, and the patient had done well. Examina-
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*A paper read before the Wayne County Medical Society.
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Car 5803 was the kitchen which served officers and nurses and, on
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chance, should remain a sufficient length of time at the re-
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3, xxviii, 727. — Bollinger. Ueber seltene Falle von
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taken by several persons, should, by its inherent, unchanging,
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formed ; the wound healed rapidly and is now nearly well. There is
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bed, and in the attempt ho tore off all the dressings. As a
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very offensive ; they are often streaked with mucous, some-
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Of measles,! — catarrh, 1 — inflajniuation in tliehowels, 1 — scarlet fever, 5 — stoppage in the bowels, 1 —
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organs of the victim of the plague. They are short rods with rounded
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schools he comes along and tells the teachers that it does not amount
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salicylate or aspirin this reaction is, of course, masked by the iron reaction
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1850 ccm.). It is probable that were the same careful search to be made
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