the tongue of an engine, rupturing the ducts of the

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absence for one month, to take effect as soon after June

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Chemical Examination of Sugar supposed to have been

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as compared to last year's monthly average of 1,311. The annual total was

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men varies in girth from time to time, according to the distension of the

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this manner than those of other institutions having no legal authority to retain

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of the fibro-nerve tissue, and ligate at that point.

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(See p. 390.) In regard to its compensatory significance, see p. 384.

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protozoan-like bodies in the cells and intercellular spaces of the

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connection with skin flap, making a circular opening

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It is a curious fact that only a little more than three

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One mav ask, if the obstacle to the admission of air also prevented

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quantity at the root of the vessel, which was thereby rendered rough.

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entered the bladder. Surgeons in general practice, who are not much in the

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tinal irritation removed other symptoms will subside. 1

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The following division of this work is devoted to the consideration of

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in E (Fig. 26) the mother had stomatitis May 1, 1914, loose bowels

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being supplied from a model-farm in the neighborhood of Leipzig.

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Ergot in Cholera, — " Surgeon-Major Comerford, of India, has re-

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spindle-cotton. A similar case was the subject of an inquest in London, ha

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from Devens to the Central Officers* Training Camp were probably

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^ Music, every day, cannot understand what she learns. It appears to me

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from cholera that have occurred this year in the city

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faction had already begun, were introduced into a living

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the base of the cranium where the arachnoid was deficient

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ported by the secretary of the county society, shall

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be found, a fact which was verified by the late Prof. Wm. T. Lusk.

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instructive in this matter, because the whole of the circumstances

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We are justified in concluding, therefore, from these experiments, that Chlorine

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2d. Atrophy, from the pressure of the exudate upon the muscu- .

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age from the political upheaval in favor of good govern-

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children. The patient was sad and broken-hearted, not

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diagnosed when the liver and spleen — or at least one of these two organs,