Diseases of the Horn-Secreting Structures — "Villitis — Carbuncle of Coro-
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due as to the division of the so-called mononuclear or non-granular
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the disease to be a nerve lesion, and not due to a micro-organism.
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apply lightly a solution made in the following manner :
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Prof. Loreta performed his fourth case of divulsion
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of the child. Considerable effect may be expected in infants, from
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sensory and motor divisions were both affected in the cases reported by
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with the mumps, and after a few days' illness died, as I was informed, from metas-
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giving” role. It is one of the reasons that most people in
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Pa., aged fifty-eight. He was born in Canada, and was
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Drainage of the primary wound secretion is seldom neces-
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relationship had been worked out by Dr. Gross and also
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normal. It seems that such an observation, if well founded,
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Postoperative roentgenographic studies of the calculus
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the first systole of the group p to Vs is increased 3; after the following systoles, p
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2. Marrow-leaves 8 oz., water 4 quarts; boil and strain;
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than two days. The i)atientwas an hysterical female.
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within and of itself, and with each successive repro-
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of the Organs of Hearing as Aids in the Differential Diagnosis of
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of health became ultimately complete. 10:02 A M ' The first cut in the broad l W-
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life ; a)id solely because of the fact that it is placed in
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Shortwave and other modalities Surgical Instruments Cabinetry
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minds is strongly contrasted with the feeble resistance of the youthful,
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inferior portion. The left lung presented feeble cellular attachments ; gray
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a fragment of steel was removed from the vitreous hu-
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since we must insist, that children under seven, or even ten, are
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that gentlemen do not sufficiently distinguish between
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is, it seems to me, unfortunate, for in case of another pregnancy
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From the Department of Surgery, University of Minnesota